Spiritana, special energies for New Age lovers

What are Spiritana

Maybe you ask yourself, when you are new to this website: Spiritana, what is that? Then you are exactly right here. I use the name Spiritana for both singular and plural. They refer to Spirit, our Mind / Soul or Self: Higher Self and Divine Self. They are spiritual energies, just like attunements, initiations, activations and empowerments. Spirit has many facets that could all be of value to us. That’s why I try to make available those facets that are now interesting for us, to all lovers of extraordinary spiritual energies. Aquarius Energies you may have been looking for, but might not have come across yet.

Spiritana are made for everyone who loves receiving and working with 5D and higher energies. Everyone who thinks spirituality, consciousness, love, healing and a world that works for all of us is important. For yourself. But also when you like to help others grow towards the Fifth Dimension. So we can together help manifesting the Golden Age.

For whom are Spiritana made

The universe is full of cosmic energies. My other website, Attunements, has a large choice of attunements. There you mostly will find the more easy energies, like the Source Attunements, the Chakra Attunements and the Love Attunements. I have a passion for New Age Energies. Also for the less easy energies. Out of this passion I wanted to make cosmic energies available for people with more spiritual experience too. For spiritual connoisseurs and adventurers.  

With this website I therefore focus on people who become enthusiastic about extraordinary energies. People who like to try out new things and enjoy spiritual specialties. Nevertheless, people with less spiritual experience are just as welcome. The Spiritana will work just as good for them. You only will have to trust your heart and intuition a bit more when using them.   

General info about Spiritana: the Info Manual

All the important info about Spiritana you will find in the Spiritana Info Manual. You will receive this document for free when buying a Spiritana. This manual tells you exactly how everything works. Because I have made this website with the more experienced spiritual enthusiasts in mind. I therefore offer only this Manual. And, partly for reasons of time, not an extra help like the Attunements Guide I offer on Attunements.info. For this reason I can offer these beautiful energies a bit cheaper than my attunements.

So I assume that you know approximately how to work with spiritual energies. That you have some experience with Reiki, Attunements or other spiritual energies. And that you are able and willing to trust your feelings and intuition. However, if you are a little less experienced, questions about it are always welcome. And of course I will try to help you when necessary. You are welcome to mail me with your questions.

Spiritana Energies

Receiving and activating a Spiritana

Receiving a Spiritana will take, just as my attunements, about 25 minutes. (With preparation and quietly returning to your daily consciousness it takes about 35-40 minutes.) After that, also just as with my Attunements, you can activate this energy at any time. Just say the name, for instance: Element Water, in your mind or aloud. And the energy will start to flow immediately. Have you done the Elements Package, then you can also activate all 5 Elements Spiritana, one after the other. And discover how it feels when all 5 of these related energies are flowing simultaneously. And in this way will strengthen each other.    

Using the Aquarius Energies of this website and working with them is very easy. As long as you, consciously or unconsciously, don’t prevent this energy from doing its work (energy blockade). It will continue to intensify by activating them regularly. So the energy can keep getting stronger and bring its positive changes.

The Aquarius Energies I offer

More info about Spiritana you can read on Questions and in the Info Manual you will, as mentioned before, get for free when buying a Spiritana. I hope you will find beautiful cosmic energies on this website, where you may have been looking for but maybe didn’t find elsewhere. And that you will enjoy them as much as I do. Do you have a wide interest in Aquarius Energies, then you are invited to come back more often. Every now and then there will appear new energies on this website.

Do you have very specific ideas or desires about New Age Energies you nowhere can find: let me know. Maybe I can be of help. But whatever you do, enjoy your time on Spiritana and enjoy life! Because joy is a very good breeding ground for spiritual development.