Gemstones Spiritana, etheric gemstones of high vibration

Gemstones Spiritana

Gemstones Spiritana, the spiritual energies of gems Gemstones in pure energetic form: Gemstones Spiritana Gemstones Spiritana are what you could call etheric gemstones. Gemstones in pure energetic form. They have the energy of a physical gemstone, but you don’t need ... Lees meer
The 5D Spiritana, energies that make our journey to the fifth dimension easier

5D Spiritana

The 5D Spiritana, energies for reaching the fifth dimension Using energies for our journey to the fifth dimension The 5D Spiritana are energies that are made up of the frequencies of the fifth dimension. I offer them on this website ... Lees meer
The Universe Spiritana, using valuable cosmic energies

Universe Spiritana

The Universe Spiritana, being connected with cosmic energies The cosmic energies of the Universe Spiritana The Universe Spiritana offer you the possibility to be connected with several celestial bodies of our universe. Firstly the planets of our solar system. Later ... Lees meer
The Elements Spiritana, for being totally in your element

Elements Spiritana

  The Elements Spiritana, because being in your element is fine Matter and mystery and the 5 Elements Spiritana The Elements Spiritana can be valuable when one or more elements are out of balance. Because that is something that occurs ... Lees meer