Amethyst Spirit


Amethyst Spirit is a connecting and transforming energy that gives you spiritual wings. You can regard it as the most spiritual of the Gemstone Energies. For it forms the bridge between our physical world and the metaphysical or spiritual world. Amethyst connects our illusionary world with the real world, our Home. Because of this, more and more of our real being is grounded. As a result of which we can ever better fulfill the task for which we came to earth.

The spirit or energy of Amethyst is: live in this world, but don’t get entangled in its illusions. Or like Light Master Jesus said: Be in the world, but don’t be of the world. And that is exactly where Amethyst Spirit helps you with: becoming more of your Self, despite this world of illusions.

Amethyst Spirit, the energy that gives you spiritual wings

Gaining spiritual insight with Amethyst Spirit

Amethyst Spirit helps you to become less superficial. It is a profound energy that gives you spiritual insight. It symbolizes consciousness, freedom and transformation. Because it helps you to become aware of many negative things in your life and then transform them. This frees you from all kinds of things that are still oppressing and limiting you in all kinds of ways. Amethyst Spirit therefore works very liberating. This creates more distance to the outer life. And you take life a little less seriously. So that you can allow more fully that what is real, your Self.

With Amethyst Spirit, which is healing for Chakra 7, The Crown Chakra, there will be much more room for spiritual progress. Where Sapphire Spirit learns you to perceive this world better, Amethyst Spirit helps you to connect with the world of the higher dimensions. By connecting with the higher, we also get higher thoughts, better emotions, higher intentions. In short: a better way of life. Moreover, this connection with the higher dimensions makes you more creative in many ways.

Who might benefit from the energy of Amethyst?

When we take a good look at the deeper being of Amethyst Spirit, we see a very spiritual energy. Therefore, in the first place it fits well with people who know that spirituality is important. And that everyone is first and foremost a spiritual being. But it also stimulates people who still don’t allow their spirituality too flourish enough. Furthermore, it is striking how transforming this beautiful energy is. So use it when you are ready for change. And know how necessary spiritual and other changes are for the better. Within yourself, and in this world.

It also fits people who find meditation important, and like to be connected with the higher dimensions. Just like visualization. Or for people who want to become more creative. And a good choice if you feel you are being lived. Or that you don’t live the life you want. With Amethyst Spirit you feel more inspired to live your life, to do what feels good for you.

Summary table of Amethyst Spirit

Gemstones Spiritana Amethyst Spirit
Color Violet, Purple
Freedom and Transformation
Living conscious in a world of illusions
Chakra Chakra 7 – The Crown Chakra
Suited for
People who strive for spiritual development, Transformation, Meditation, Visualization, Reducing the fear of your Self and your own power
Spiritual changes, Inspiration, Being connected to your Self, Being less sensitive to spiritual weaknesses
Physical healing Headaches and migraines, Epilepsy, Autoimmune disorders (also see Aquamarine Spirit), Nervous system problems (also see Sapphire Spirit), Skin conditions, Hormone problems, Coordination problems, Reduces pain
Mental healing Fear, Clear mind, Insomnia, Nightmares, Emotional and mental blockages, Aversion to spirituality, Concentration problems, Makes you calmer and reduces desire in addictions, Makes you less susceptible to addictions and bad habits
Spiritual healing Consciousness, Inspiration, Self-Empowerment, Transforms spiritual blockages, Reduces sorrow, Supports your spiritual development, Helps you to remember and interpret dreams, Makes you quieter, Can be a good help with depression, Reduces selfishness, Increases self-control, Facilitates change

Amethyst Spirit, for transforming blockades

The violet amethyst is a purifying energy that has similarities with the Violet Ray. It frees your head from all kinds of unwanted thoughts. Gives you a general kind of peace and a feeling of self-empowerment. Amethyst Spirit also reduces anxiety: for spirituality, the unseen, your own strength… It fits well with Sapphire Spirit, which is about Me in relation to this world. Amethyst Spirit however, represents the awareness of Me in relation to the Higher Worlds. It is more connected to your Higher Self and Divine Self and the higher dimensions. Furthermore, Amethyst Spirit transforms emotional, mental and spiritual blockades.

Amethyst also helps against drunkenness and addictions. This is mainly due to the fact that amethyst makes you more spiritual, and increases your self-control. This reduces the pressure of your ego. As a result, you get less need for desires that do not really satisfy you. Knowing that by doing so you are only feeding a certain weakness, and you are making it more difficult for yourself. In addition Amethyst Spirit enhances inspiration. It helps to remember dreams, and to be able to interpret them better. Some it may even help to have lucid dreams.