Aquamarine Spirit


Aquamarine Spirit is a very gentle energy, which helps you to stay with yourself. It’s a true stress reducer. For example, it helps you to stay calm in unfamiliar surroundings or during difficult circumstances. Aquamarine symbolizes the sea and the turbulent waves. Its beautiful clear blue color not only looks like the sea, its energy feels like the sea as well. It gives you the feeling of vastness and limitlessness. As if all kinds of new possibilities arise for you, from which you can choose to your heart’s content.

The spirit or energy of Aquamarine is softness and inner peace, even during the turbulent waves of life. If you’re looking for a gemstone energy to calm down your Inner World, then Aquamarine Spirit is a good choice.

Aquamarine Spirit, develop yourself with confidence

Let your Inner Self blossom with Aquamarine Spirit

Aquamarine Spirit is a valuable energy, because it calms fears and reduces pain. The energy of the clear blue aquamarine used here, opens and strengthens Chakra 5, the Throat Chakra. In addition, it helps people who love the new. People who get excited about new challenges, who love to discover new things. Like the beauty and value that is in your Inner World. So also suitable for when you want to discover new spiritual layers and unseen sides of yourself. And to make them blossom.

See the captain in your mind for whom no sea is too high. He feels safe despite the high waves, because he fully trusts his abilities. While quietly looking for the treasures unfamiliar worlds have to offer. Aquamarine is for a good reason the sailor’s talisman. Aquamarine Spirit is a protecting energy that helps you confidently discover new worlds. Also in yourself.

Who might benefit from the energy of Aquamarine?

When you dive deep into the essence of Aquamarine Spirit, then you will discover his great inner peace. It really is an energy for people who love silence and inner peace. Even in difficult circumstances. And want to let go of stress. If you want to be in your own world, because it is so nice to experience it undisturbed. Where you also want to show the outside world your individuality and uniqueness. In addition, it suits adventurers well. Worldly adventurers as well as spiritual adventurers.

Aquamarine Spirit can help you if you have difficulty taking on challenges, or if you are afraid of new circumstances. This gemstone energy fits very well with introverted people who cherish their Inner World. And with anyone who is sensitive and sometimes feels vulnerable (see also Emerald Spirit). But certainly when communication and expression are important to you. Aquamarine protects your individuality and uniqueness, and lets you experience it joyfully and express it confidently.

Summary table of Aquamarine Spirit

Gemstones Spiritana Aquamarine Spirit
Color Heavenly Blue, Soft Blue
Communication and Expression
Dealing with problems and challenges in a gentle and well-considered way
Chakra Chakra 5 – Throat Chakra
Suited for
Sensitive people, HSPs, People who need to speak or perform in public, People who are looking for peace and quiet
Taking on new challenges, Completing tasks, Exploring your Inner World, Staying with Yourself, Showing Yourself
Physical healing Allergies, Hay fever, Autoimmune disorders, Strengthens the immune system, Respiratory system (especially upper respiratory tract), Sore throat and throat problems, Cough, Dental (toothache), Mouth and jaw problems, Eczema, Thyroid gland, Pituitary, Voice problems
Mental healing Softening, Soothing, Pain relief, One of the best stress relievers, In case of anxiety and nervousness, In case of restlessness, To stay better with yourself, Gives a clear and calm mind, Helps to make you feel better at home when being somewhereelse or in a new environment
Spiritual healing Reduces melancholy, Stimulates tolerance (makes less judgmental), Improves communication with other people, Stimulates expression, Stimulates creativity, Helps with meditation, Serenity, Inner peace, Intuition

Aquamarine Spirit, discover your hidden talents

Aquamarine Spirit gives you the peaceful foundation from which your Inner World can unfold beautifully. Because it brings out hidden talents and new possibilities in you. Which you can also express more easily and freely. It also widens your view so that you can better oversee what qualities you have in you, to give to the outside world. In this way your unique self is better expressed.

Aquamarine also makes it easier to find soul mates, and to have a good time together with them. Besides that Aquamarine Spirit can be a good choice if you are in a period of too much nervousness or stress. If you are dealing with problems or difficult circumstances. Or if you are struggling to cope with challenges, or if you are afraid of new circumstances (see also Anticipation Love). It can be a good energy when Emerald Spirit feels a bit too balanced to you, although you like its softness. Are you more focused on the outer world than your inner world, then you might want to check out Sapphire Spirit.