Carnelian Spirit


Carnelian Spirit is an uplifting energy that is very suitable for people who want a little more adventure into their lives. As a gemstone it usually has a pleasant orange color, often with shades of red and yellow in it. The spirit or energy of carnelian you could describe as a warm embrace. It breaks through boredom and lethargy, and brings zest for life. Carnelian Spirit takes you on an adventure, helping you to enjoy your life. By which you will discover again what life has to offer. This spiritual gemstone possesses a real feel good energy. It not only makes that you feel satisfied and convenient. It also makes you feel good about who you are and what you do.

Carnelian Spirit: feel fine about yourself and your life

The power that can transcend the negative: Carnelian Spirit

Carnelian Spirit has the power to break through many negative things. And bring it in a positive flow again. Its radiant cheerfulness and optimism helps you to quickly reduce the worries and sadness you have in you. It brings you more into the now, so you don’t give to much energy to unrealistic ideas. Carnelian makes you positively realistic about your situation. But at the same time, it makes you enthusiastic about the possibilities that do exist. And removes the ghosts from your mind of things that can unnecessarily frighten, discourage or depress you.

This beautiful energy, matching Chakra 2, the Sacral Chakra or Sex Chakra, encourages assertiveness. So that you will welcome opportunities and challenges with pleasure. Carnelian Spirit shows you all you have in you. It gives you the confidence that you are valuable, and that you are allowed to take your place in this world.

Who might benefit from the energy of Carnelian?

How would you describe someone who is ideally suited for Carnelian Spirit? Then you would be someone who likes living on earth, and seize the day. You are someone who radiates warmth. Who cares about other people, and loves to do fun things together. In this respect, it does have similarities with Planet Venus. In addition, you would also be someone who considers his body and health important. You like to look beautiful and well-groomed. And would like to live in a nice house and a beautiful environment. With people who care about you, and who you can give your love. Because you don’t like to be alone for long.

Carnelian Spirit fits very well with children, with girls who are beginning to become a woman. And with women of child-bearing age. But also men can benefit from it. And the elderly. Especially the elderly who are no longer very high-spirited or prone to depression. But it actually helps anyone who loves to be bright and sunny.

Summary table of Carnelian Spirit

Gemstones Spiritana Carnelian Spirit
Color Orange
Emotions and Sexuality
Transcending the negative
Chakra Chakra 2 – Sacral Chakra, Sex Chakra
Suited for
Children, Transformation from girl to woman, Women of childbearing age, During pregnancy and for getting pregnant, Getting a zest for life again, People who find their sexual feelings difficult, People who like to be more positive and have more pleasure
Healthy emotions, Cheerfulness, Enjoying sexuality, Humor and a good mood, Enthusiasm, Warm aura
Physical healing Low blood pressure, Cramps, Varicose veins, Balances the female hormones, Menstrual complaints, Kidney and bladder complaints, Lower back pain, Rheumatism, Arthritis
Mental healing Letting go of negativity, Believing in yourself, Finding yourself beautiful and valuable, Flexibility, Motivation, A better attitude towards your body and your sexuality, Lack of appetite, Optimistic and joyful attitude towards life
Spiritual healing Emotional balance, Lethargy, Depression, Feelings of shame (about your body, your sexuality and sexual feelings), Trauma (physical, emotional, sexual), Lack of zest for life, Depression (also old age depression)

Carnelian Spirit, for a warm and optimistic aura

This warming and vibrant energy (see also Citrine Spirit) can be valuable for people who like pleasure and love conviviality. Carnelian Spirit helps you balance your emotional and sexual life. To enjoy your body and that of your lover. (For loving sexual experiences Rose Quartz Spirit is a good one.) But also dancing, jumping, playing sports and being busy with your body in other ways.

It also helps you to have confidence in who you are and that you are welcome to take your place in life. It gives you a warm and optimistic aura, with a more positive attitude. This makes others consider you a nice and easy person. And they welcome your presence. With this nice and warm aura you can face life more flexible. If you like warmth, conviviality and enjoying what life has to offer, then Carnelian Spirit is a fine energy for you.