Citrine Spirit


Citrine Spirit is a radiant and vibrant energy, which can help you if you have a tendency towards gloominess or negativity. It feels like you are carrying a sun that gives everything a golden glow. A sun that illuminates your way, and makes you feel optimistic about your life. You could describe the spirit or energy of citrine as a bright mood and a light heart. Because citrine gives you a very positive aura, which often makes contact with people much more positive.

Citrine is known as aura healer. It strengthens your aura and closes any cracks in your aura. This protects you from a lot of negativity. Citrine Spirit is a good choice if you want to live your life positive and happy.

Citrine Spirit, the radiant sun that illuminates your path

Citrine Spirit, the sunny energy for gloomy people

Citrine Spirit is the sunshine in your life. It radiates all its good qualities to you, and from you into the world. Of course we are talking about the real citrine, with its bright yellow color. This cheerful and warm energy matches Ruby Spirit and Carnelian Spirit, but feels lighter. Citrine Spirit strengthens Chakra 3, the Solar Plexus. This can be seen, for example, in the energy it gives to your personality. It strengthens your self-esteem in a positive way. Because of this you can easier be the person you want to be. This also ensures that relationships and contacts with other people run more smoothly.

In addition, citrine reduces various forms of fatigue, especially mental fatigue. It helps you clear your head of negative thoughts. Enhancing your mental clarity and concentration, and giving you a better view of your situation. This makes it easier to deal with problems and challenges as well.

Who might benefit from the energy of citrine?

Because of its aura-strengthening and shielding properties, this Spiritana is a good one for HSP’s. Because highly sensitive people with their open aura can often absorb too much negative energy from other people. But it also works well with other people who appreciate a clear and pure aura. In addition, citrine can help a lot of people who have a tendency towards negativity. For example if you quickly judge other people or yourself. Or if you are often tired (CVS / ME), especially with mental fatigue. And when you often come home tired from school or work. Or due to being in contact with a lot of people.

Citrine Spirit is also good for people who are pessimistic or depressed. It can help with relationship problems. Or to find your place in this world. Also think of children who have difficulty finding their way in life. Or who aren’t as assertive as others.

Summary table of Citrine Spirit

Gemstones Spiritana Citrine Spirit
Color Yellow
Optimism and Zest for Life
Approaching life in a positive and cheerful way
Chakra Chakra 3 – Solar Plexus, Solar Plexus Chakra
Suited for
HSP’s, People who are often negative (about themselves or others), People who tend to gloom and depression, Children and adults who have difficulty finding their way in life
A positive attitude, Self-development, A clear and balanced aura
Physical healing Cleanses the intestines, Cleanses the liver and kidneys, Diseases of the spleen and pancreas, Stomach complaints, Bowel complaints, Liver complaints, Stimulates digestion, Can help with diabetes and for regulation of your blood sugar
Mental healing Anxieties (including fear of failure and exam stress), Worries, Sadness, Phobias, Concentration problems, Reduces negativity and stress, Improves discipline, CFS / ME and other forms of fatigue, Gives positive and clear thoughts, Improves discipline and motivation, Makes courageous and confident
Spiritual healing Healing and purification of the aura, Protective energy (keeps out negativity, reduces radiation), Depression (promotes zest for life), Mood changes, Makes you more positive (e.g. when having a negative attitude), Reduces the need to judge, Gives self-esteem and confidence in who you are, For inner calmness

Citrine Spirit, for cleansing and positive developments

Citrine Spirit is not only purifying in many areas. But it can also set many positive things in motion. This sunny energy can work very well for people, children and adults, who are dissatisfied with themselves. And with this world, and the role they play in it.

Citrien helps you develop your personality better. It makes it easier for you to show yourself positively to the world. And makes you happier and more satisfied about yourself and your life. Citrien Spirit is an energy that makes everything lighter. That brings positivity and optimism as well as light into your life. And makes you feel good about yourself. Do you feel unhappy about who and what you are? About your self-expression, and how you come across to others? Then it is time for the radiant energy of Citrine Spirit.