Collective Consciousness


De Spiritana Collective Consciousness is a fine help to work effectively with our joint consciousness. Because we don’t only have a personal consciousness and a sub consciousness, we’re also part of a shared consciousness. This Collective Consciousness, also called the Matrix, you could also call the field of possibilities. The better you are connected with the Matrix, the easier you can change this consciousness. And the more people make positive use of it, the sooner this world becomes a good world for everyone. Ever more people see that this world doesn’t work, and like to do something about it. The Collective Consciousness is a wonderful spiritual tool to collectively make this world a wonderful world.

Collective Consciousness, manifesting a world that works for all

Improve the world, start with yourself and the Matrix

The Collective Consciousness is also known as the Global Consciousness, the Matrix and the Morphogenetic Fields. Were our personal consciousness directs our personal life, the CB is responsible for our collective experience. This consciousness determines what happens in our world as a whole. As the name suggests, this is a shared consciousness. A consciousness of all of us, influencing all of us. It forms as it were the matrix to which our world aligns itself. So what we all think, say and do (together with our feelings, ideas, intentions, beliefs…) forms therefore this matrix. And subsequently the matrix forms our world.

The Collective Consciousness not only contains all the information about our world. It is also the spiritual tool to understand why this world is as it is. And to create the desired changes on a global scale.

The functioning of the Collective Consciousness

When you think about the way the Collective Consciousness functions, you can draw a number of important conclusions:

  • The CC applies to all life forms, including Mother Earth.
  • This Global Consciousness is a creative force that gives the world its appearance.
  • This consciousness therefore forms our joint experience.
  • And is the best tool for global change.
  • The CC can be affected both negatively and positively.
  • Most people do not yet consciously use the Matrix.
  • The CC is foremost used by the 1%, the world elite.
  • Fear and division are the most important weapons to rule the 99%, using the CC.
  • The world elite is the main cause of poverty, injustice, dictatorship and terrorism.
  • The more the 99% act as a unity, the faster the world elite becomes powerless.
  • When a change is adopted by many, nothing can stop it.


Collective Consciousness: tool for global connection

The CC is not only a shared consciousness, it also helps to discover and promote the communality between each other. To create more trust and connection between each other. For it brings Oneness on a level of awareness. The Collective Consciousness is a mighty tool, abused by authorities. But it is also feared because it can wipe out the power of the world elite in no time. Now it may seem that a lot of people are needed for a change. Yet that is not the case. We know that from the Hundredth Monkey Effect, also referred to as the Critical Mass. When a certain change is embraced by enough people (<1% may already be enough!), it suddenly becomes tangible for all people. This change can then take place extremely quickly. And even the world elite will then be powerless.

Working together for a better world with the Matrix

Here are a few examples how you can use Collective Consciousness:

  • If you like to influence the CC positively, for instance with love.
  • If you like to use the wealth of valuable information from the CC.
  • When you participate in group meditations.
  • When you participate in group healings.
  • To accelerate positive changes on earth.
  • To help Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.
  • For connecting with the world community.
  • For together manifesting the changes that are needed.

The Matrix is the responsibility of all of us. If it is negative, then let’s make it positive together. It’s the mighty tool for enormous changes for the better. You can use it both individually and as a group. For a better world in general or for specific problems. Use Collective Consciousness and bless Mother Earth, her inhabitants and yourself as well.