Diamond Spirit


Diamond Spirit is a crystal clear energy that can shed a different and better light on who you are and what you came here for. It helps you figure out what works well for you. And it gives you in small steps insight into the many facets of your Self and your life.

The spirit or energy of diamond is purity and power. When you let it do its work, it will cleanse all impurities and negativity from your being. The remarkable thing about diamond is that it catches all light that comes to it. And radiates it to all facets that can use that light for healing. Diamond Spirit gives you the power to cut away all negative aspects. Helping your Light to shine full, and radiating pure beauty.

Diamond Spirit, healing the many facets of your Self

Living self-aware and independent with Diamond Spirit

Diamond Spirit represents self-awareness. It shows you all facets of your being and makes you aware of them. It thereby promotes power and vitality and increases your self-esteem. Giving you strength when you have doubts about your abilities, and when you are not so sure which way to go. It will do your self-confidence good if you will let Diamond Spirit flow often. In doing so, it is valuable when you question yourself. Or if you allow others to tell you that you are not good enough.

Diamond, the king among gemstones, is a symbol of power. It gives both strength and self-confidence. Together with its ability to see things clearly, it makes it easier to solve problems. Or not even let them arise. Even more than other cut gemstones, diamond with its many facets shows you that in many areas healing is possible. Therefore diamond is an outstanding healing energy. Other than Ruby Spirit, also a royal stone and working on Chakra 1, Diamond Spirit has a purifying and strengthening effect on all main chakras.

Who might benefit from the energy of diamond?

This cool beauty fits well with people who often doubt, as it gives courage and self-confidence. Because of the courage and perseverance of Diamond Spirit it also helps when you like to work on other facets of your personal development. Because Diamond Spirit promotes character strength in many ways. In doing so, it can be a good energy for people who often have a feeling of deficiency. When you find it difficult to look at the bright side of life. Or when you are unnecessarily suspicious of the intentions and motives of your fellow humans. But also when there is a lack of self-esteem.

Besides that Diamond Spirit fits well with people with difficult Love Relations. It’s also a good option for those who want to accelerate their spiritual growth. We know that spirituality has many facets. And that is exactly where Diamond Spirit shines its light. So in many areas you gain in awareness, and get the power to change for the better. Diamond is not for nothing the stone of perfection and enlightenment.

Summary table of Diamond Spirit

Gemstones Spiritana Diamond Spirit
Color Transparent with shades of all colors of the rainbow
Purity and Power
Gives insight into all facets of your life
Chakra All chakras
Suited for
Strengthening the bond between lovers, Making love relationships
and other relationships easier, People that are often in doubt, If you are too unaware of your strengths, If you are not using your
good sides and your strengths enough
Encouraging your talents, Getting insight in who you are, Learning to discover and appreciate more sides of yourself, Better understanding your life purpose, Building a good emotional and spiritual bond between partners, Character Strength
Physical healing Purifies the body (good with a fasting diet), Strength and
vitality, Helps with fatigue, Balance disorders, To prevent or reduce cerebrovascular disease, Glaucoma, Strengthens the senses, Dizziness, May reduce the risk of cerebral hemorrhage, To try with
epilepsy (or when being sensitive to it), To try with back pain (or when being sensitive to it)
Mental healing Brings mental clarity, Makes you stronger against addictions, Helps you become more stress resistant, Makes you more independent, Makes you stronger against outside influences, Courage, Stamina, Perseverance, Discernment, Makes you more tolerant
Spiritual healing Purifies the aura and protects you from outside negative energies,
Self-awareness, Self-confidence, Self-esteem, Makes you aware of
your negative sides so you can transform them, For removing blockages, Manifesting desires and dreams, Brings abundance into your life, Perfection, Enlightenment

Gaining crystal clear insights with Diamond Spirit

Diamond Spirit has the power to awaken many sleeping spiritual abilities and talents. It is the powerful energy of abundance, that can help manifest desires and dreams. But the diamond also has the ability to make certain things crystal clear. Suddenly you see why a certain difficulty you’ve been struggling with for some time is the way it is. And what you can do about it.

For instance the power of Diamond Spirit helps you to make relationships more balanced. Whereby many minor irritations and misunderstandings can be avoided. You can prevent more easily small ego things that can cloud relationships. Besides, it’s not for nothing the lovers stone. Because it strengthens just like Rose Quartz Spirit love relationships. It makes the emotional and spiritual bond between partners stronger. And brings more mutual understanding and a more tolerant attitude towards each other. But it also reduces everyday problems and makes you feel that life becomes easier. This gives you more joy in life and the feeling happiness shines upon you.