Element Air


Element Air represents all that is moveable, all what seeks freedom and brings change. It helps you to communicate better, like expressing your feelings. Or coping well with your emotions, ruled by Element Water. But also what we have on our mind and what touches us deeply. Without making it too heavy and cumbersome. Because this element keeps life light and airy. It feels like flying to wherever you like to be. Do you like freedom, lightness, mobility and communication, then the Air Element can mean a lot to you.

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Element Air, for people who love freedom and independence

Moving light and easy through life with Element Air

Element Air is the most mobile element of the 5 elements. (See also Earth, WaterFire and Akasha.) It is connected with our mind. This way it represents mental movement and transforming rigid patterns. Not only thinking patterns, but also, for example, behavioral patterns. This light element likes to bring a breath of fresh air into a situation of stagnation. So that we can look differently, from a new perspective at a situation. With its intelligence, this element creates space and new possibilities.

The Air Element has also to do with communication. It communicates in many ways. In which it promotes an independent mind, working with lightness and humor. Alternating and entertaining. In a practical sense, this dynamic element promotes structure (on a mental level) and a systematic approach.

The positive aspects of Element Air

In each element you can find several positive aspects. Some may already be well developed in you. While you might be able to use other aspects very well. With Element Air, you can promote and improve these positive things in your life:

  • Movement
  • Communication
  • Expression
  • Freedom
  • Independence
  • Intelligence
  • Logic
  • Fantasy, Imagination
  • Lighthearted, Carefree
  • Humor


For which people is Element Air recommended most

Maybe these examples will be helpful. They give a good indication of who could use Element Air well, or when:

  • People who love freedom
  • People who like to be independent
  • If you like to communicate in a harmonious way
  • If you like to develop your fantasy and imagination
  • For living more light and carefree
  • For getting a clear view on your life
  • To bring movement into a stuck situation
  • To bring more humor into your life


How wonderful this element can be

Imagine walking on the beach while the wind is playing with your hair, and blowing away all your worries. Or sunbathing in the garden or at a pool, while the warm wind caresses your bare skin. Watch the wind making waves in the water of a lake or sea (Element Water). And how it forms the most beautiful dunes in a sea of sand (Element Earth), like a desert. Or that you float above Mother Earth (hot air balloon, hang glider…) while the air is carrying you. This element gives you that wonderful feeling of freedom, which makes so many other and more beautiful experiences possible.