Element Akasha


Element Akasha is the most elusive and mysterious element of the 5 elements. Akasha or the Akasha Field is the inexhaustible source of energy for all matter and all creation. It is the virtual nothing that gives energy to everything that exists physically. The other 4 elements as well. However, Akasha itself remains invisible. The Akasha Element is a soft but very intense and comprehensive energy, capable of a great many things. It is most suitable for people who have a bit more spiritual experience. Use it for healing, energizing yourself or to feel lively and high-spirited. To strengthen your creative abilities. Or to bring more harmony and balance in your life.

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Element Akasha, drinking from the energy source of all life

The several names of Element Akasha

Element Akasha is the energetic basis of all life. It has produced all the visible, including the other 4 elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. This fifth element not only gives the other 4 elements the energy to function. But also the intelligence and information to be able to manifest optimally. It is known by many different names, such as:

  • Ether
  • Mind
  • Spirit
  • Akasha Field
  • Zero Point Energy Field
  • Quantum Field
  • Quintessence
  • The Emptiness, Space


Akasha as a concept is rather enigmatic. It is immaterial itself, you could say ethereal. But at the same time it is at the basis of everything that is material. Of all matter, of the whole universe. It is often considered the emptiness between atoms, and between stars and planets in space. And it is also sometimes seen as the black holes in which matter can disappear. But from which at the same time all matter would have originated. It is not only the inexhaustible source of energy for all matter, it also ensures that it is constantly renewed and refreshed.

The mysterious, virtual nothing as a basis for all the visible

Akasha or Ether is the nothing from which everything originates, the virtual or unmanifested nothing that holds all the possibilities. Akasha is also seen as Divine Consciousness and Divine Intelligence. That besides is connected with our consciousness and also with our DNA. It is an all connecting and all unifying cosmic field. This Zero Point Field or Akasha Field also is the permanent memory of the universe. In which everything that happens in and with us is preserved. The energy field in which all events of all life on earth and in the universe are recorded. This universal library is also known by the name Akasha Chronicles or Akashic Records.

The positive aspects of Element Akasha

Just like the other elements, this fifth element has its positive aspects. They could help you to give certain things in your life a positive turn. The working of Akasha is much more elusive though than the other 4 elements. With Element Akasha, you could promote these positive things:

  • General healing of body, mind and soul
  • Healing of difficult body and mind problems (when there are no karmic impediments)
  • General de-stressing and energizing (also with CFS or a burnout)
  • Release of energy blockades
  • Harmony and balance for body, mind and soul
  • Creativity
  • Calming the mind
  • Ongoing spiritual development
  • Feeling love for all that lives
  • Being connected with all that lives


For which people is Element Akasha recommended most

Here are some more examples that can make this element a little more tangible and understandable. These examples give a good indication of who could use Element Akasha, or when:

  • People with more spiritual and energetic experience
  • People who like to be connected with the Akasha Field
  • As an inexhaustible energy source for healers and light workers
  • As an alternative healing method for difficult healing problems
  • When you like to feel more connection and Oneness
  • When you like to enhance your creative capabilities
  • To prevent diseases and health problems
  • To become less sensitive to environmental factors (HSP)


The remarkable possibilities of Element Akasha

Use Element Akasha or Ether because of all the good characteristics it has. To give yourself frequently a good energizing and harmonizing treatment. But you can use this all-encompassing element also as an energetic and spiritual aid of brilliant class. For many different problems and wishes. Try it for example if other healing methods have no or too little success. Or let this wonderful energy flow just because it feels so good.