Element Earth


Element Earth represents the solid forms in the world. It affects all solid matter. From our body to the living creature under our feet, Mother Earth. As well as all that is solid in the universe. This compact element is the foundation on which we stand firm. The basis from which we gain trust and security. Very nice for people who find a good hold and support important. Are you looking for a good basis from which to develop your spirituality, then Element Earth is the right choice.

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Element Earth, the good help for living in a physical body

The foundation that offers confidence and stability: Element Earth

Element Earth is the most dense element of the 5 elements. (See also Water, AirFire and Akasha.) It is the very foundation of physical life, so important to our physical body. This element ensures that we are well grounded. Because of this we are firmly connected to Gaia, and at the same time to the universe. It also gives us a better and healthier relationship with our body. This element is very suitable for people who do not feel very comfortable in their bodies.

The Earth Element helps people who are unsteady, capricious and inconsistent. It gives you a solid foundation from which you can approach the world with more confidence. Element Earth is very important for everyone with a poor health, who often feels weak and vulnerable. As well as for everybody who appreciates stability and structure in his life.

The positive aspects of Element Earth

Every element has its positive aspects. Aspects that you may not have developed enough, and that could well help you to improve your life. With Element Earth, you can promote and improve these positive things in your life:

  • Stability
  • Structure
  • Being realistic and practical
  • Grounding
  • Confidence, Basic trust
  • Endurance
  • Perseverance
  • Patience
  • Reliability
  • Loyalty


For which people is Element Earth recommended most

Here are some examples that can make this element even more clear. These examples give a good indication of who could use Element Earth well, or when:

  • People with a weak health
  • People that are poorly grounded
  • If you are often cold or feel uncomfortable
  • If you like to have more perseverance
  • For being more realistic and accepting
  • For being someone who is reliable and loyal
  • To better cope with setbacks and misfortunes
  • To be less chaotic and capricious

How wonderful this element can be

Imagine, for example, how nice it is to walk barefoot through the warm sand. Or to let the fine beach sand glide through your fingers. Building a sandcastle on the beach is also great fun (and very good for your Inner Child!). Or how about a beneficial healing mud bath or earth face mask? This element is the foundation on which we stand, and with which our bodies are made. And that makes this element important for everyone.