Element Fire


Element Fire represents the energy that is necessary to manifest our ideas and desires in the right way. It gives us the power to move mountains. And in this way to bring things that have to happen to a successful conclusion. The Fire Element loves big, impressive, extraordinary. It makes ambitious and inventive. This fiery element also creates change and innovation. It then transforms the elements Earth, Water and Air to something new. Would you love to have more energy, passion and inspiration in your life, then Element Fire is what you are looking for. In addition, this element feels great for people who are often bored, tired or don’t know what they want.

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Element Fire, the energy for an active and inspired life

Turn up your vitality and passion, with Element Fire

Element Fire is the most high-spirited and passionate element of the 5 elements. (See also Earth, WaterAir and Akasha.) It represents your inner fire: vitality, willpower and passion. This fiery element embodies all you like, all that makes you warm-hearted and joyful. Anything that suits you to create or appear in your life. This element is the enthusiasm for all things and all activities that make your life meaningful. Everything you enjoy giving your time and energy to.

This hot element stands also for everything that is big, fast and strong. It represents the energy in our body and in our personality that likes to go out. The power of change and renewal. Fire gives you power and makes you vibrant and energetic, lively and passionate. This element is very valuable for people who love an active life. And like to decide for themselves where their energy should go.

The positive aspects of Element Fire

Each element has its special characteristics and its unique positive aspects. Maybe there are things that are interesting for you, and could help you a lot. With Element Fire, you can bring these positive things into your life and promote them:

  • Life Force, Vitality
  • Power, Willpower
  • Focus
  • Decisiveness
  • Inspiration, Enthusiasm
  • Courage
  • Innovation
  • Warmth, Passion
  • Sexuality
  • Dynamics


For which people is Element Fire recommended most

Here are some other examples to illustrate the power of this element. These examples give a good indication of who could make good use of Element Fire, or when:

  • People who like to be self-sufficient
  • People who like to have an active life
  • If you are looking for more inspiration
  • If enthusiasm should steer your life
  • For when change and innovation is important to you
  • For who likes to make his desires come true
  • To counteract boredom and fatigue
  • To make life nicer and more interesting


How wonderful this element can be

Imagine, for example, the coziness of a fireplace with this element. And the wonderful warmth that it spreads. Where you never get tired of the game of the flames. Or how exchanging stories and ideas at a campfire can inspire friends to work together on a more beautiful and better world. Also think about your inner fire that brings you new ideas. Which makes it so much fun to start a new project for yourself or together with others. Or how it makes you full of passion and energy to gain new experiences. This element gives you the spirit to shape your world to your liking.