Element Water


Element Water is the most flexible element of the 5 elements. It not only works on all our body fluids, so important for our physical well-being. It gives us also a healthy emotional life. And helps us to cope positively with changes. With the ups and downs of everyday life, and with the greater rhythms of life. It lets you flow elegantly with the changes you encounter, so that you continue to flow in harmony with life. Would you like to cope relaxed and flexible with what life has to offer? Then choose this fine liquid element.

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Element Water, getting along flexibly with yourself and with life

Flowing nicely with Element Water

Element Water represents the liquid element in our lives. All that flows. The flow of life, when you go with the flow. In addition, this fluid element controls our life rhythms, such as day and night, the seasons, the ups and downs of our lives. As well as our adaptability to the circumstances we are dealing with.

The Water Element also belongs to our emotional life and our emotions. This element (see also Earth, AirFire and Akasha helps you process the emotional impressions you gain. And helps you deal positively with what is happening inside you as a result. This element determines how we react to people, situations, and the world as we encounter it. Element Water is very valuable for people who like to react more flexible on what happens to them. And who in a relaxed way like to go along with the rhythms and energy flow of life. Because that lives so much easier.

The positive aspects of Element Water

Each element has several positive aspects. Some you may already have enough. But maybe you could use other aspects very well. With Element Water, you can promote and improve these positive things in your life:

  • Flexibility
  • Gentleness
  • Healthy emotional life
  • Receptivity, Sound sensitivity
  • Relaxation
  • Letting go
  • Intuition
  • Understanding
  • Dedication, Commitment
  • Sensuality


For which people is Element Water recommended most

These examples may shed some more light on this element. They give a good indication of who could use Element Water well or when:

  • People who suppress their emotions and feelings
  • People who find dealing with themselves and others difficult
  • If you are stressed and unsettled very easily
  • If you like to be more softhearted and mild
  • For listening better to what is really essential
  • For who finds dedication and helpfulness important
  • To cope better with changes
  • To get less easily irritated and harsh

How wonderful this element can be

Think for instance about this: as a child, you love to stomp in the puddles of rain or splash with water. On a cold day, you take a pleasantly warm bath with, for example, rose oil or lavender oil. Or you take a refreshing shower after a hot day. You dive into a swimming pool or let yourself float on the soft waves of a beautiful blue sea. With this in mind you know how relaxing the water element can be for you. And how much joy it can bring you. Not to mention the beauty it gives us. Physical and aesthetic.