Elements Package


The Elements Package is composed of 5 Spiritana: Element Earth, Element Water, Element Air, Element Fire and Element Akasha. These take care of our physical life and provide us with energy. Because without the 5 elements no physical body, no Mother Earth and no universe. This package has an important harmonizing and balancing function on our whole being. It is an all-round package for body, soul and spirit. Can you use some more harmony and balance physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually? Then you might consider the Elements Package. So all 5 elements will function optimal again.

The Elements Package, in harmony and balance with the 5 elements

The importance of the 5 elements and the Elements Package

The Elements Package consists of 5 Spiritana: Element Earth, Element Water, Element Air, Element Fire and Element Akasha. These 5 elements are important for every physical being, humans included. For they are at the basis of our material world. Together they give shape to everything that is visible. From a grain of sand to a mountain. From a body cell to our physical body and the planet. And from the tiny atom to the immeasurable universe. So in fact everything we can see. What is visible can therefore only exist through the functioning of the 5 elements. So it is obvious that these 5 elements, as builders of all matter, are very important to us.

Our negative influence on the 5 elements

What is also important: the 5 elements within us not always function optimal. Not that they couldn’t. Because by nature the 5 elements always work perfectly. But we have influence on the functioning of the 5 elements. Just like on for instance our chakras (blockades). Since we are sensitive to negative thoughts. And do not always have the best intentions, and therefore don’t always make the best choices. This negative thoughts, intentions and choices do have their influence. Because they can program the elements negatively. Especially if they repeat themselves often. This negative programming we can undo with the Elements Package.

Upgrading the 5 elements, with the Elements Package

One of the Universal Laws says: where your focus goes, there your energy flows. Energy in the form of our thoughts, intentions and choices … So when we often focus on negative things, the elements will adapt our energy and matter to that negative level. And off course that doesn’t help us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. That is why it is important to avoid as much negativity as possible, and to keep your energy as pure as possible. But there is another positive approach. Use the elements again in their purest form, as you get them with the Elements Package. So that each of the 5 elements is in harmony and balance again, and can work perfectly.

Another good reason for the Elements Package

Now it isn’t only important that every element separate works perfectly. But also their cooperation should be good. Free from your own negative programming. In their original, optimal working. This way the Elements Package has an important positive influence on your total being: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Think of positive developments such as being well grounded: Element Earth. Or having healthy emotions: Element Water. Or the wonderful feeling of freedom and being able to be yourself: Element Air. Who doesn’t want to live passionate and inspired: Element Fire. And not to forget the so special and impressive Element Akasha. Each element has its positive sides, and perhaps some attract you more than others. But having access to all 5, to the Elements Package, is off course ideal.

Package Information

Package Name
Elements Package
5 Spiritana
Element Earth, Element Water, Element Air, Element Fire and Element Akasha
Single price
130 Euro
Package price
98 Euro