Emerald Spirit


Emerald Spirit is a soft and very balanced energy. An energy that suits people who want to bring their lives in balance. As well as people who already have a reasonably balanced life at the moment. And would like it to stay that way. Because it is also a good energy to prevent your life from becoming unbalanced.

An emerald is often a transparent gemstone with a beautiful bright green color. In its pure, translucent form, it can be a very precious stone. The spirit or energy of emerald is well expressed by the words harmonious and balancing. Emerald is not only considered a first class healing energy, but also an all-round healer. That’s why Emerald Spirit is a good choice for many people.

Emerald Spirit, the all-round healer par excellence

Living in peace from your heart, with Emerald Spirit

Emerald Spirit breathes so to speak harmony and balance. And feels more neutral than for instance Citrine Spirit. It is, just like Rose Quartz Spirit, the energy from the middle, strengthening Chakra 4, the Heart Chakra. It helps you to live from your heart. To increase all kinds of heart qualities such as love and trust. This is also noticeable in the qualities it has in dealing with people and situations. In which its soft, loving and connecting energy is very helpful to prevent friction and irritation.

With that, Emerald Spirit feels like a balancing energy, which makes you peaceful and less sensitive to your environment. Very welcome for people with a vulnerable heart. Like when you care too much about what others think of you. And are sensitive to what people say and do. Emerald also makes you aware of your inner truth. And more focused on your inner self, which makes you by itself less vulnerable to the outside world.

Who might benefit from the energy of Emerald?

Looking at the essence of the emerald, for whom is this energy most attractive? It especially suits people who need more harmony and balance in their lives. For example, it is very nice for people who thrive at peace and regularity. And that is why it is a good energy for people who live an irregular life. Or can be chaotic in their heads at times. Emerald Spirit is also good for anyone who has to deal with too many highs and lows. Think for example of changing moods. Or days when you feel great, alternating with days when your energy is poor. But also for those who sometimes have periods that things are not going so great.

Emerald Spirit can also help people with little patience. It makes you better centered. As a result making you less sensitive to all kinds of external stimuli and more focused on your inner self. So it helps you to live more from your heart.

Summary table of Emerald Spirit

Gemstones Spiritana Emerald Spirit
Color Green
Harmony and Balance
Healing in every aspect
Chakra Chakra 4 – Heart Chakra, Love Chakra
Suited for
People who want balance in their lives, People who seek healing, Vulnerable people
Stress Release, Patience, Friendship, Balanced Emotions, Balanced Relationships, Peaceful Thoughts, Wealth and Abundance
Physical healing Eye problems, Circulatory System, High blood pressure, Heart problems, Cough, Increased blood sugar, Diabetes, Rheumatism, Gout, Insomnia, Grey cataract, Swollen lymph nodes, Respiratory complaints, Sinus complaints, Strengthened immune system, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease
Mental healing Mental clarity, Improves mental capabilities, Promotes memory, Makes you centered, In case of restlessness and inner turmoil, Reduces nightmares, Claustrophobia, Helps you to be more balanced
Spiritual healing To live from the heart, Harmonious relationships, Strengthens intimate relationships, Loyalty, Faithfulness, Reduces vulnerability, Makes you more receptive to wealth and abundance, Promotes peacefulness, Makes you more receptive to truth and truthfulness, Promotes honesty

Emerald Spirit, healing qualities for all our aspects

Are you looking for healing on multiple fronts? Even then emerald can help you. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, or a combination of these, Emerald Spirit is as all-round healer for all parts a good choice. Physically, for example, it balances your blood circulation and blood sugar. Emotionally it gives peace and calmness. Mentally it brings clear thoughts and increases your mental capacities, such as a better memory. Spiritually, it is the energy of your inner truth, and all the positive that comes from it when you listen to that.

This green beauty is also important to promote and strengthen friendships. And to bring more love and harmony to relationships. In ordinary as well as intimate relationships. Emerald has been the symbol of wealth and abundance since the old days. So who knows what Emerald Spirit could do for you besides its excellent healing qualities on various fronts.