Moon Luna


Moon Luna is not only the celestial body that is closest to us, but is also the most variable in form. Luna, the nocturnal mirror, symbolizes what’s changeable in us, our mood. It reflects how we express our feelings and emotions. She makes hardened people more sensitive and receptive to their inner nature, and to their Highest Good.

Her mirroring effect makes you more aware of what is going on inside you. Of all your inner stirrings. For where Sun Helios is connected with the consciousness, Luna is connected with the subconsciousness. Both complement each other perfectly. Moon-energy suits sensitive and introverted people very well. Luna gives a dreamy and gentle mood. Moon Luna is a good energy if you want to be more involved with Gaia’s nature and your inner nature.

Moon Luna, the feminine energy connected with your inner self

The moon, the dreamy mood of the night

Moon Luna is with Sun Helios the celestial body that we can see best. Luna is the smallest well-known celestial body with nevertheless the greatest influence on us. Just think of the tides caused by the Moon’s magnetic force. This is also noticeable by the great influence on our rhythm of life. Especially the female cycle, which, like the orbital period of the Moon, is 28 days. The Moon, similar like the tides, also has a strong influence on our mood, feelings and emotions. The Earth and the Moon have a very close relationship, they seem parent and child. Therefore it isn’t surprising that Moon energy has the effect of strengthening the bond between parents and children. Just like between relatives. Luna energy feels more motherly though than the so feminine Venus energy.

The strong points of Moon Luna

Every planet and every celestial body has a variety of strong points that we can use. These are the most eye-catching positive characteristics of Moon Luna:

  • Feelings, Emotions, Emotional security
  • Temperament, Mood
  • Life rhythm
  • Changes
  • Security
  • Sensitivity, Receptivity
  • Imagination, Fantasy
  • Fertility
  • Subconsciousness

This makes Moon Luna a good choice for me

Because of this strong points, Moon Luna is very suitable for certain people and in certain situations. Here are a few examples that may help you choose:

  • People who like to strengthen their feminine energy
  • People who welcome a soft and introverted mood
  • To live according to natural rhythms
  • To cope easier with changes
  • When you like the night, dreams, the invisible
  • When you like to be a loving and caring mother / parent
  • If you want a closer relationship with family members
  • If you have hormonal problems or fertility problems

Do you like the dreamy mood of the night, and do you like being connected with the feminine energy that reflects your inner truth, then Moon Luna is a good energy for you.