Planet Mercury


Planet Mercury is characterized the most by these two keywords: mind and communication. Mercury represents mental energy. It helps you distinguish between what is and what isn’t good for you. So that you see situations more clearly and evaluate them better. This makes it easier for you to make the right choices. It is also the planet of knowledge acquisition and what you do with that knowledge.

Besides that Mercury is the planet of communication, verbally or otherwise. Furthermore Mercury energy is a young and light energy. Its humor promotes that despite the intellectual abilities you don’t take the world and life too seriously. Choose Planet Mercury if you like to be mentally flexible and have better communicative skills.

Planet Mercury, for communication and intellectual skills

Mercury, planet of communication and mental flexibility

Planet Mercury is the first planet in our solar system. And, just like the Earth, one of the inner planets. The energy of Mercury is that of logic, of the mind and intellect. It is located between the Sun and Venus, and is therefore relatively close to us. Mercury energy helps to improve your intellectual abilities. It also improves your learning ability and increases your insight and abstract thinking. In addition, this planet provides clear thoughts, so you know faster how to handle things. Quickly understanding how you can systematically and effectively perform the necessary tasks. This planet improves your discernment and judgment. In addition to its mental abilities, Mercury also helps us to become mentally flexible. As well as in our communication. In words and on a spiritual level too.

The strong points of Planet Mercury

Every planet and every celestial body has a variety of strong points that we can use. These are the most eye-catching positive characteristics of this planet:

  • Intelligence
  • Mental flexibility, Humor
  • Logic, Analytical mind
  • Communication
  • Decisiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Distinctive power
  • Learning capacity
  • Judgment power

This makes Planet Mercury a good choice for me

Because of this strong points, Planet Mercury is very suitable for certain people and in certain situations. Here are a few examples that may help you choose:

  • People who think too rigidly
  • People who are too emotional
  • If you are impractical and clumsy
  • If you have learning problems and a bad memory
  • To get more social contacts
  • To come up with creative and better solutions
  • For when you want to improve your communication skills
  • For when you have difficulties making the right choices

Do you like to quickly see where the problem lies and find adequate solutions? Do you like clear communication that says what it is all about? Then this planet matches you very well.