Planet Venus


Planet Venus, our direct neighbor, is located between Mercury and Mother Earth. Venus fits very well with romantic people. People who are warm and tender or who want to become so. Those who feel attracted to Venus love the connection with other people. For Venus people love and love relationships are very important. Venus is not called the Love Planet without reason.

In addition, someone who loves Venus energy will also appreciate kindness and joy of life. And often also likes people who have charm. People who love art and beauty. Mostly with a refined taste. Venus lovers are fine people to be with. Do you also like to enjoy together, love together, celebrate life together, then Planet Venus is really something for you.

Planet Venus, when you love living and enjoying life together

Venus: living in beauty and harmony

Planet Venus is, just like Mercury, Mars and our Earth, one of the four inner planets. Venus is a soft and feminine energy, where Mars is a real masculine energy. The femininity of Venus you can see for instance in the desire for beauty. Like a woman who likes to be beautiful and who likes to be seen as beautiful. Venus not only represents desiring physical beauty. But also beauty in all kinds of other areas (clothing, home, garden, a beautiful world …). People who are attracted to Venus do not like to quarrel. Venus stands for a harmonious energy. Venus people, or who like to become that, are people with an aura of warmth and kindness. They are friends of people, and friends of life.

The strong points of Planet Venus

Every planet and every celestial body has a variety of strong points that we can use. These are the most eye-catching positive characteristics of Planet Venus:

  • Love, Love Relationships
  • Harmony
  • Connection
  • Beauty, Artistry
  • Softness
  • Joy of Life
  • Warm-heartedness, Tenderness
  • Coziness, Sociable
  • Sensuality, Sexuality

This makes Planet Venus a good choice for me

Because of this strong points, Planet Venus is very suitable for certain people and in certain situations. Here are a few examples that may help you choose:

  • People who like to improve their (love) relationships
  • People who like to bring more harmony into their life
  • To better enjoy your life and your loves
  • To bring more beauty into your life
  • If you find friendliness and friendship important
  • If you like to be sociable and enjoy a cozy environment
  • For enjoying sex better
  • For seeking more relaxation and joy of life

Do you like doing things together and having a good time? Are you looking for oneness, softness and love? Then Planet Venus is a good choice.