Rose Quartz Spirit


Rose Quartz Spirit is an embracing energy that gives you the feeling you are accepted precisely as you are. It makes it easier for you to connect with people, as well as to be more accepting of other people. It strengthens the relationship with your partner and with your family members. And increases the connection with others, such as your circle of friends, acquaintances and colleagues.

Rose Quartz Spirit is a gentle and soft hearted energy that is much needed at this time. It can soften a harsh world and make it more bearable. And also helps you to have softer feelings about others, and feel better about yourself. The spirit or energy of rose quartz is being love and sharing love. This is a real love energy that caresses your heart and enhances your zest for life.

Rose Quartz Spirit, going through life lovingly

Let the Love flow abundantly with Rose Quartz Spirit

Rose Quartz Spirit is an uplifting energy that allows you to more easily release fear and allow love. It works just like Emerald Spirit on Chakra 4, the Heart Chakra. However, Emerald Spirit works stronger on balancing your system. Rose Quartz Spirit on the other hand will give more energy to the love aspect. Rose Quartz will let your love flow better. The love for others as well as the love for yourself. It helps you to raise your self-esteem, and makes you more tolerant. This makes it easier to see the love in others and automatically creates better connectedness. Therefore helping you to lovingly forgive the mistakes or missteps of others, as well as your own.

With rose quartz you can think of holding a baby in your arms, and the energy that you then radiate to the baby: softness, warmth, compassion, love. It is a heartwarming energy and gives gentle feelings which reduces quarrels and aggression. At the same time, it promotes friendship and makes relationships more pleasant and loving. So Rose Quartz Spirit can spread a lot of wonderful things.

Who might benefit from the energy of Rose Quartz?

First of all, it is an energy that fits children very well. For the natural energy of children is very similar to that of this pink beauty. Rose Quartz Spirit gives them a feeling of safety, and makes them feel better and more loved. Children find it easier to connect with others and therefore make friends more easily. Because of that it can also be very nice for children who are being bullied. Because rose quartz makes you less vulnerable. And at the same time it reduces the tendency for other children to bully you.

Besides that it suits people who have difficulty giving love. And if you are someone who finds it hard to surrender to love. In addition, it fits well with gentle people, and especially helps those who are hardened or embittered and would benefit from lots of loving feelings. It also can help you improve your relationships in general, and love relationships in particular. This is also a good Gemstone Energy for lonely people, because rose quartz makes you feel more involved with others. Making you feel more seen and heard.

Summary table of Rose Quartz Spirit

Gemstones Spiritana Rose Quartz Spirit
Color Pink
Love and Connection
Transforming a hardened world into a loving world
Chakra Chakra 4 – The Heart Chakra
Suited for
Children, Gentle and vulnerable people, Lonely people, People who are hardened or bitter, If you want to live more from your heart, People who find it hard to surrender to Love, Romantic people, When you like to feel young at heart
Unconditional Love, Acceptance, Accepting love from others, Connection, Tolerance, Gentle feelings, Tenderness, Kindness, Creativity, Positive attitude to life
Physical healing Hormone problems, Headaches and Migraines, Disorders of the heart and circulatory system, Respiratory problems, Physical pain, MS, Could help with infertility, May soothe lower body complaints, Reduces sexual problems, May reduce menstrual pain, Rejuvenates the skin, Possible help with age-related ailments
Mental healing Fear, Anxiety, Harmony and Balance, Self-acceptance and Self-respect, Homesickness, Flexibility, Peacefulness, Mental pain, Reduces aggression, Reduces tendency to judge, Promotes tolerance towards other people and other beliefs, Relationship problems, Reduces loneliness, Transforms bitterness and hard feelings
Spiritual healing Emotional healing, Makes hardened people softer and more sensitive, A good help with trauma and grief, Grants confidence and provides comfort, Promotes imagination, Makes friendly and approachable, Reduces heartache and heartbreak, Makes it easier to deal with losses, Promotes inner beauty, Makes less materialistic
Loving sexual experiences with Rose Quartz Spirit

Rose Quartz Spirit is a gentle energy that caresses the senses. It increases your sensuality, and feels good for people who enjoy a loving physical contact. Furthermore, RQS is a good one to make your sexuality softer and more heart felt. From an attitude of love and tenderness, a real sense of connection emerges that produces finer sexual experiences. Through which you get more of the experience of being truly heard, felt and seen. Rose Quartz Spirit has in regards to sensuality and sexuality, similarities with Carnelian Spirit. But where Carnelian Spirit focusses more on enjoying sexuality, RQS will delight in Love and Oneness.

Additionally Rose Quartz Spirit works harmonizing on your emotional life. Especially people with intense emotions can benefit from this. (You might also like to check out Emotional Harmony.) While RQS is so soft, tender and accepting, it can be used to transform trauma and its consequences. It also promotes self-confidence and self-esteem. This versatility makes Rose Quartz Spirit a very valuable Gemstone Energy.