Ruby Spirit


Ruby Spirit is a very powerful energy that helps to reduce various forms of weakness. It is one of the most warming and energizing gemstone energies. And besides that it’s a very grounding energy. Its robust energy gives you a sense of security and safety. A pure ruby, the king of gemstones, is a rare and very precious gem. As a Spiritana however, this empowering energy is very affordable. The spirit or energy of ruby you could describe as: life force in optima forma. Ruby Spirit makes that you are well connected to your body and down to earth. So that you feel confident that you are in the right place here on Mother Earth.

Ruby Spirit, the courage to transform your weaknesses

Modify with Ruby Spirit your weaknesses into power

Ruby Spirit makes it possible to turn many kinds of weakness into strength. It is a supportive and empowering energy, very valuable for people who are often tired or quickly exhausted. As in people who have to deal with burn-out or CFS. Or people who (due to negative experiences, traumas, disappointments…) can no longer generate the energy needed for a positive attitude in life. Ruby Spirit stimulates your life power, and makes sure the energy will flow wherever it is needed. With that it has a strengthening effect on your willpower and motivation. The fire red ruby supports Chakra 1, the Root Chakra. It makes sure you have a strong base you can trust. And as a royal energy it has the ability to improve your financial and economic well-being.

Who might benefit from the energy of Ruby? 

When you look at the fire-red energy of ruby, it tells us that it is a very powerful energy. An energy that gives you backbone, and strengthens your basic trust. Ruby Spirit gives you the confidence that you are here on earth and in this body exactly at the right place. It is therefore very suitable for people with all kinds of weaknesses. Or when it is difficult to ground in this world. But certainly also when you want to get more out of yourself, and want to be more your Self. Also when you need greater leadership qualities. Ruby, however, is less suitable for people with a temper. Or people who are too dominant. Then the blue of Sapphire Spirit or Aquamarine Spirit are more suited.

Summary table of Ruby Spirit

Gemstones Spiritana Ruby Spirit
Color Red
Willpower and Motivation
Feeling confident and safe
Chakra Chakra 1 – Root Chakra, Base Chakra
Suited for
Introverted people, People who feel weak, People who don’t have enough courage, If you have trouble starting a task, If you don’t have enough decisiveness and perseverance, People who don’t feel at home on earth
Prosperity, Stability, Courage, Knowing what you want
Physical healing Low blood pressure, Anemia and blood diseases, Strengthening your blood, Sexual energy too low, Cold hands and feet, Strengthens your muscles, Strengthens your immune system, Physical fatigue, Vitality, Endurance
Mental healing Fear, Shyness, Timidity, Lack of self-confidence, Makes you feel you can cope with life, Makes you mentally stronger, Reduces lethargy, Reduces doubt about your earthly existence
Spiritual healing Grounding, Gives insight into your spiritual path, Makes the aura stronger, Makes you more generous, Reduces melancholy, Makes you more open to challenges, To develop leadership skills

Ruby Spirit, to let your life energy flow better

Ruby Spirit lets your life energy flow better to where it’s needed. That’s why it’s such a strengthening energy. After all, where there is weakness, there is also a shortage of energy. For example, it can help to become more courageous. And giving you willpower and motivation. Or if your sexual energy is too low. (For fine sexual feelings and experiences, Carnelian Spirit is more suited. For loving sex Rose Quartz Spirit.) It is also an energy that can give too introverted people more color and temperament. Ruby Spirit is an enlightening energy. It reveals both the positive and negative. So it is important to be aware of that, and to transform negative things into positive ones (Amethyst Spirit or Violet Ray).