Sapphire Spirit


Sapphire Spirit is a soothing energy that is very suitable for restless people. Especially people who don’t know very well what they want, but who are not satisfied with that. Valuable if you prefer to be busy with important things, rather than worrying about all kinds of silly things. Also good if you want to do more with your life.

Sapphire makes you less chaotic. It gives you a calm mind so you can keep an overview. And you are better focused on what you want to do. In this way you give energy to the things that are really important to you. So you can better reach the goals you set yourself. Sapphire Spirit fits well with people with ideals, who want to make something of their lives and of this world.

Sapphire Spirit, understanding yourself and this world

Gain with Sapphire Spirit insight in the coherence of things

Sapphire Spirit could be called the energy of peace of mind and peace of soul. It contains the energy of the dark blue or indigo sapphire. Sapphire stimulates the functioning of the pituitary gland, and belongs to Chakra 6, the Third Eye or Brow Chakra. The spirit or energy of sapphire is gaining insight into the essence of things. Sapphire is therefore also called the stone of wisdom. It gives understanding and shows you how things relate to each other. It also connects you with your subconscious, so that you begin to better understand your own actions and motives. And so you can adapt them if you wish.

Sapphire Spirit can help you gain more understanding of this world (where Aquamarine Spirit does that for your inner world). And also to better understand how your own life works and why. It is also the energy to become mentally more mature. People who are often tired or sensitive to getting a burn-out (related to the outside world), can benefit a lot from this de-stressing energy.

Who might benefit from the energy of Sapphire Spirit?

How could you describe someone for whom Sapphire Spirit is the right choice? Think of someone who is very focused on the outside world, but doesn’t like to be carried away by it. If you quickly become stressed by all the hassle associated with the outside world. And when it keeps you away from the things you would like to understand better. You are someone who wants to discover the big outside world in all its facets from your own little world. So that you aren’t always exposed to all external stimuli and to the hypes of the day.

Moreover, you are someone who is spiritually ambitious and wants to move forward in life. You are open to new perspectives and ideas. And you like to know how to come be at your best, and how to develop your talents better. By gaining insight into how this world functions, you want to help improve it. Furthermore, Sapphire Spirit fits with people who often feel melancholic. Or use Sapphire Spirit as an aid to meditation and visualization, especially if you like to use a focal point like a candle.

Summary table of Sapphire Spirit

Gemstones Spiritana Sapphire Spirit
Color Dark blue, Indigo
Insight and Wisdom
Learning to understand the world and your role in it
Chakra Chakra 6 – Third Eye, Brow Ckakra
Suited for
Growing up children, Adults, People with ideals, People who want to do more with their lives
Meditation, Faithfulness, Friendship, Serenity, Strong Will
Physical healing Reduces fever, Reduces inflammation, Stops bleeding such as nosebleeds, Nervous system problems, Hearing problems, Pain and chronic pain, Hiccups, Can balance epilepsy, Cleans the skin, Purifies the body, Sinus problems, Hormone problems
Mental healing Reduces pain, including mental pain, Gives a calm mind, Reduces mental stress, Promotes peaceful thoughts, Reduces nervousness, Burnout, Helps you to achieve goals, Makes you concentrated, Helps with high sensitivity and reduces hypersensitivity
Spiritual healing Depression, Spiritual confusion, Uncertainty, Restlessness, Insomnia, Melancholy, Stimulates knowledge and wisdom, Helps you to be true to yourself, Strengthens the will, Can be used for meditation, Improves imagination, Reduces aggressive feelings and a quick temper

Sapphire Spirit, for wisdom and a strong will

Sapphire Spirit helps to strengthen your will. For many people this is valuable because so often they don’t get to what they would like to achieve. Sapphire energy also promotes knowledge and wisdom. Moreover: many people often know what they should or shouldn’t do. But then so often they do not act according to their knowledge. As a stone of wisdom, sapphire is of course very suitable to make that easier for you. In addition, knowledge is often valued higher than wisdom. But remember: wisdom is applied knowledge. So knowledge can only be valuable if you use it in the right way.

That is why Sapphire Spirit works very well for people looking for change. It often lowers the threshold to change things in yourself. In addition, it feels like a protective energy that protects you from stress related to things and energies that aren’t good for you. Very pleasant too for highly sensitive people, and people who are hypersensitive to many things.