Telepathy is a valuable Aquarian Age Spiritana. Because when we spiritually grow towards the fifth dimension, it is very helpful to learn a new way of communicating. Since telepathy is the most important form of communication in the higher dimensions. It’s the language that all higher beings use. Being telepathic is in fact an innate spiritual talent. So everybody is telepathic. But as every talent that isn’t used, this spiritual talent eventually loses its power. The 5D Spiritana Telepathy helps you to learn and use this innate spiritual talent. Which means that your telepathic talent will grow into a powerful and desired spiritual ability again.

Telepathy, the spiritual communication form for the New Age

Limitless communication with Telepathy

In principle, telepathy can be any form of communication that does not depend on the body and its senses. Telepathically we can communicate thoughts, images, emotions or feelings. But also our intentions, visions, plans and desires. In addition this higher form of communication is limitless. Limitless in the sense that it doesn’t mind distance. But it also crosses language and national borders, just like species borders.

For example, you can communicate telepathically with animals, plants, trees, nature creatures. Or with angels, guides, your Higher Self or your I Am presence. And moreover it is a universal language. A light language which is understood by everyone. Telepathic communication takes place throughout the universe. Your telepathic conversation partner can therefore sit next to you, but also be on another continent. Or an extraterrestrial being, like someone from Venus or the Pleiades.

How to recognize telepathic abilities

Everyone has telepathic abilities, whether we call this spiritual ability mind reading, inner knowledge, intuition or aura reading. Here are a few examples of telepathic connections:

Telepathy enhances Telepathy reduces
Harmony Superficiality
Honesty Not feeling Heard
Openness Misunderstandings
Controling your thoughts Disagreements
Cooperation Witholding information
Connection Judging and condemning

From Babylonian speech confusion to a universal language

The more love there is, the less words are needed to express your inner self. Our common language cannot express so many of our feelings. Telepathic communication, however, can do that perfectly. Furthermore: how often doesn’t friction and irritation occur because people don’t understand each other? And not just because of a Babylonian confusion of speech. For instance, when your words are interpreted differently than you intended. Or you hear something different in someone’s words than that person intended to express.

Truth also suffers so often from our concealing language. Telepathic communication immediately puts an end to the difficult situation of the many earthly languages and dialects. Which can make communication outside your own language and culture so difficult. Everyone speaks the same soul language through telepathy. So with telepathy there is no longer a language problem, nor a translation problem.

The advantages of communicating telepathically

Now you may think: does this mean that everyone is allowed to read my mind? No, everyone should respect your telepathic privacy. Telepathic contact should only be done by mutual agreement (this you will sense telepathically!). Something that is self-evident in 5D. So it actually only offers advantages. Here are some more:

Telepathy enhances
Telepathy reduces
Harmony Superficiality
Honesty Not feeling heard
Openness Misunderstandings
Controlling your thoughts Disagreements
Cooperation Withholding information
Connection Judging and condemning

So there are several reasons why the Spiritana Telepathy can be helpful. It makes for instance the communication with your Higher Self and the Light Masters easier. Very important. But it is also nice to just make to being able to communicate spiritually easier. With whom or whatever you want. It gives you a valuable spiritual instrument for the Fifth Dimension.