Questions about Spiritana: what are Spiritana, receiving one and more

The questions about Spiritana visitors ask me

Questions about Spiritana answers the most frequently asked questions about Spiritana. Spiritana are a new sort of initiations. They are Aquarius Energies, very usable for the New Age, and to ease the ascension process. Here you can read the questions visitors of Spiritana have. So you will get to know the most important information about this website.

What exactly should I imagine when talking about an Spiritana?
Answer: Spiritana (singular and plural) are spiritual energies, just like attunements, initiations, activations and empowerments. The name Spiritana means all the ways Spirit (Mind and Soul) can express itself. tries to bring to you several interesting aspects of Spirit. Spiritana can be interesting for anyone who loves spirituality, healing and energy work. Just as for Light Workers and Love Workers.

Question: Receiving a Spiritana, how does that work?
Answer: This works about the same as receiving an attunement, activation and the like. It is important not to feel stress, and that you make sure you won’t be disturbed. What you should do and what exactly you should pay attention to, you will find in the free Spiritana Info Manual. (You will receive that when making a purchase.)

Question: Can everyone do a Spiritana?
Answer: Yes, everyone open to spiritual energies, young and old, can do an Spiritana. But (other than with my website Attunements) you only receive the Info Manual. So you will have to trust your heart and intuition a bit more, when later on activating the Spiritana. This is done with reason: it saves me a lot of work, and so I can offer the Spiritana cheaper. However, if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them.

Question: Can I do a Spiritana more than once?
Answer: It isn’t really necessary to do an Spiritana more than once, but you might like to do that anyway. Through your Higher Self and your I Am Presence you are always connected to it. (Unless you would deliberately terminate the connection.) So there is no reason why you couldn’t do it more than once. For instance when you like it so much to receive this energy. Or when you would like to get an even better connection with it.

Question: Can I do more than one Spiritana in a row?
Answer: That is possible. However, my advice would be not to do more than two or three in the same session. Keep in mind that your energy system must integrate these energies. And that you may get temporarily tired because of that. Therefore, integrating the Spiritana will be more difficult when doing too many in one session.

Question: What exactly happens after I have purchased a Spiritana?
Answer: After your order I will contact you by email. I will also send you the Spiritana Manual, so you know exactly what to do before and during receiving the Spiritana. And I will also ask you for two dates / times you like to receive the Spiritana. So together we will make an appointment. A Spiritana will be send at the same time you will receive it. Is one of these dates / times possible, then I will confirm the appointment with all the details. Otherwise I will come up with some other possibilities. You also will have the time to ask any questions, if you have them, before receiving the Spiritana.

Question: René, suppose I am looking for an energy I nowhere can find. Can I ask you?
Answer: You are welcome to ask me. However, it won’t always be possible. Just like everyone has its preferences and affinities, that also applies to me. Sometimes it happens that an energy just doesn’t suit me. In that case, unfortunately, I can’t help you. But that won’t happen too often. However, there is a price tag attached to making an Spiritana just for one person alone. Just ask me what you have in mind, and I will tell you if it is possible and at what price.

Question: Wich payment methods do you have?
Answer: You can pay with PayPal and with several credit cards. There is also a possibility to pay through Multisafepay. This way you have several other payment methods. You can also do a bank transfer. Would there be any problems with ordering, do me a favor, and let me know. I probably can help you with that.

Question: Is it possible to do a Spiritana with two or more persons at the same time?
Answer: Yes it is. You can receive it for instance together with a friend. Or as a group. A Spiritana for several people can make the process even more powerful. Especially when you as a group would like to work with this Spiritana, or enjoy the same experience together. Doing one or more Spiritana for a group comes at a reduced price. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Contact with Spiritana

For more information you can also read the page Info about Spiritana. Do you have any questions yourself you couldn’t find on this page Questions about Spiritana, please mail me. I will try to answer you asap.