The 5D Spiritana, energies that make our journey to the fifth dimension easier

The 5D Spiritana, energies for reaching the fifth dimension

Using energies for our journey to the fifth dimension

The 5D Spiritana are energies that are made up of the frequencies of the fifth dimension. I offer them on this website above all to make our journey to the fifth dimension easier. These are energies that help you to temporarily climb up to 5D. As long we are doing our ascension process. But also to make us feel at home in 5D later on. They are intended to better and longer hold the energy frequencies of 5D.

The 5D Spiritana mainly are about spiritual qualities and talents that are important for life in the fifth dimension. So everyone can get to know them, learn to work with them. And integrate these spiritual qualities and talents more and more. The ascension process is a difficult process that we have to learn to master. The 5D Spiritana can make this challenging process easier and faster.

Developing spiritual talents with the 5D Spiritana

In order to grow towards the fifth dimension, we need very general spiritual qualities. Such as love, compassion, letting go, forgiveness … But there are also other specific qualities and talents that are very useful for this. That is where the 5D Spiritana like to help you with. Think for instance about telepathy. Telepathy is the most important form of communication in 5D. Being telepathic helps us communicate with other people without spoken words. Also from a distance. In the world of love and unity that the fifth dimension is, our relationship with other beings, animals, trees, plants and places in nature are becoming increasingly important. Also with them you can have telepathic contact. And also with that the Spiritana Telepathy helps you.

The 5D Spiritana Collective Consciousness

Or what about the 5D Spiritana Collective Consciousness? In addition to our normal consciousness, we are all part of the earthly collective consciousness. This is a consciousness that Gaia shares with all her residents. Humans as well as all other living beings. This global consciousness does not only contain all the information about Mother Earth and all its inhabitants. It also directs our common reality. In the positive and in the negative. Depending on what is activated in this consciousness, it becomes our shared experience.

With the 5D Spiritana Collective Consciousness you can more easily become aware of this process. And we can together use this wonderful creative source in a positive way. Just like it happens in 5D. Because when we for instance collectively consciously decide to have no more war (poverty, injustice …), there is no world elite that can change that.

Another important 5D Spiritana: Fifth Dimension

With the 5D Spiritana you will also find the most common one in this group: the Spiritana Fifth Dimension. This one contains al the energies that together make up dimension 5. It is the most important Spiritana in this group. Especially when your ascension process is a key issue for you. With this Spiritana you always have the energies of 5D with you. So it’s ever easier to hold on to this high energy. Or you can quickly return to it when something gets you out of this high energy. Because no matter how you look at it, in order to reach this dimension we need to increase our energy permanently. And this Spiritana is made for making this easier for you. And at the same time accelerate this process.

Perhaps more 5D Spiritana will follow. Anyway, I keep looking for 5D Energies that seem valuable to me as a Spiritana. Because they may help us to make our journey towards 5d easier and faster. As well as our life in that beautiful new world. Do you have any ideas yourself about spiritual qualities that we might need in 5D? That you would like to see on this website? Suggestions are always welcome and are highly appreciated. 

Collective Consciousness


Fifth Dimension

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