The Elements Spiritana, for being totally in your element


The Elements Spiritana, because being in your element is fine

Matter and mystery and the 5 Elements Spiritana

The Elements Spiritana can be valuable when one or more elements are out of balance. Because that is something that occurs in quite a few people. The Elements Spiritana consist of: Element Earth, Element Water, Element Air, Element Fire and Element Akasha. These 5 elements form the basis of the material world. Of everything that is visible, of all creation. So the 5 elements in fact make physical life possible. Many people do know Earth, Water, Air and Fire. The Element Akasha however, is less known, and rather a mysterious and intangible element. You could call Akasha the most important element. Because it has not only produced the other 4 elements, but is also their energy source. Akasha, also known as Ether or Spirit, also refers to the Akasha field (zero point energy field) and the Akashic Records.

Why are the 5 elements so important

The 5 elements represent the states in which matter occurs. So this means that we are all subject to their functioning. In the first place purely physically. But the functioning of the 5 elements is by no means limited only to our physical body and the physical world. Because they also affect our personality, our mood, how we feel. In fact, they work for body, soul and spirit. In principle, everyone has his own mix of these elements. If you feel wonderful, then the elements are present in you in a perfect mix. But if you don’t feel that great at all, then there is very likely an elementary disharmony and imbalance. So for that purpose the Elements Spiritana are a nice help. 

The mutual relationship and the interaction of the 5 elements

The elements however do not live on their own island. Because they are in constant interaction with each other. They can influence each other favorably. Fire makes the earth warm, air (oxygen) enlivens water. But the elements can also adversely affect each other. For instance water extinguishes fire, and earth suffocates the air (sandstorm). So the mutual relationship and interaction of the elements are therefore just as important. Not only for our health and well-being. They also give color to our life, and are characteristic of who you are at this moment. But not by definition for who you want to be. A healthy mix, however, not only makes you feel good, but also makes you a unique person. And that is never a bad thing.

Tabel of the 5 Elements

The table gives an overview of the most important characteristics of an element. And how it relates to the other four elements. More details you will find on the product page of each of the Elements Spiritana.

Element / Elementary Earth Water Air Fire Akasha
Condition Solid Liquid Gas Plasma Energy
Characteristic Structure Flexibility Movement Passion Infinite potency
Perception Smell Feeling Sight Taste Hearing, Vibration
Important scope Body Emotions Mind Will
Body Motion system Urinary tract Respiratory system Sexual organs Aura, Energy system
Too little* Chaotic
Too serious
Lack of purpose
Too much Materialistic
Too rational
Unrestless mind
In harmony by Air Fire Earth Water Love
Positive Stability

* If you have too little of an element, you need that same element. ** If you have too much of an element, then the harmonizing element (In harmony by) is often the best choice.

Being in your element with the Elements Spiritana

So the elements can therefore produce disharmony and imbalance in our lives. The Elements Spiritana therefore are here to bring again harmony and balance in the elements and into your life. Helping you to be in your element. With a healthy mix of the elements, your mix. The Elements Spiritana bring the individual elements into harmony and balance, and thereby also their mutual interaction. Reading the description of the elements you may notice things you might need. Or you may get the feeling that one or more elements are not present enough in your life. These elements can then be very valuable for you. But you can off course also decide to choose all Elements Spiritana. 

Element Earth

Element Water

Element Air

Element Fire

Element Akasha

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