Gemstones Spiritana, etheric gemstones of high vibration

Gemstones Spiritana, the spiritual energies of gems

Gemstones in pure energetic form: Gemstones Spiritana

Gemstones Spiritana are what you could call etheric gemstones. Gemstones in pure energetic form. They have the energy of a physical gemstone, but you don’t need their physical presence. You can let their energy flow through your entire energy system, such as your aura, chakras, and physical body, at any time. Simply because by receiving one of the gemstones Spiritana you always carry their energy with you.

For as long as there have been people on earth, they have been attracted to gems. Because they represent something special, something noble. And because their great Light Power gives you such a high energy vibration, while also possessing many different healing qualities. But of course also due to their beauty. Because of the beautiful colors in which they appear, and the beautiful appearance they have. They also give you a feeling of richness. Especially children and spiritually oriented people are attracted to gemstones. Because they often feel and appreciate the energy-enhancing effect of gemstones. Intuitively they usually pick the right stone for themselves. It sometimes feels as if an almost magnetic attraction emanates from them.

Why Gemstones Spiritana?

If there are so many beautiful and valuable gems, then why Gemstones Spiritana? There are several good reasons for this. First of all, there are gems that are not affordable for everyone. Think of rubies, emeralds and diamonds. Also, more affordable gemstones are not always of the best quality. Physical or energetic. They are too small, have cracks or bumps, their color is different, or their energy and healing qualities are inferior.

It also happens that gemstones are chemically treated to change their color. Which of course does not do their energy and healing qualities any good either. Or they are sold as gemstones when they are just fakes. Then you also have to deal with gemstones that have taken over so much negative energy from you, that they are loaded. If you don’t clean them in time, and in the right way, they will radiate this negative energy back to you. This can make you feel exhausted or bad, or even sick. They can also fall to pieces or be exhausted after a while.

Other advantages of Gemstones Spiritana

So there are several reasons why you would prefer Gemstones Spiritana in addition to or instead of physical gems. Because Gemstones Spiritana don’t have all these disadvantages. You buy every Gemstones Spiritana for the same price. Also Ruby Spirit, Emerald Spirit and Diamond Spirit (this last one will come later). Gemstones Spiritana are always of the same pure high energy, even after many years.

Moreover, you never have anything to do with radiating back negative energies, cleaning, falling to pieces or losing their effect. So you buy them once, for a fair price, and you can let their high energy flow (evoking or activating it) as often as you want. In addition, Gemstones Spiritana work on your entire energy system. And not just in the place and immediate surroundings where you wear it on your body. So it has a much broader healing effect.

Ruby Spirit, Emerald Spirit … which one shall I choose?

The various Gemstones Spiritana all have their own characteristics. They all work on both our body, our emotions, our mind and spirituality. Some more physically or emotionally, others more mentally or spiritually. To make it a little easier to choose, I have made a Summary Table for each Gemstone Spiritana. In addition to some general issues, such as Keywords and Power, their capacities in Physical Healing, Mental Healing and Spiritual Healing are also listed here. (By the way: some symptoms are difficult to categorize. Sometimes you will find a symptom in Mental Healing, sometimes in Spiritual Healing). You can also find in the table for who or for what they are suitable.

You could choose Gemstones Spiritana because of their overall Healing Power. But also because of specific healing qualities for certain symptoms or complaints, which you want to heal in a gentle way. You can choose them because of the chakras you want to support. For instance Carnelian Spirit for Chakra 2, and Aquamarine Spirit for Chakra 5. Or because they improve the mental or spiritual abilities you are looking for. However, if a particular Gemstones Spiritana appeals to you very much, then that is a clear sign that it is a good choice for you.

Ruby Spirirt

Carnelian Spirirt

Citrine Spirirt

Emerald Spirirt

Aquamarine Spirirt

Sapphire Spirirt

Amethyst Spirirt

Rose Quartz Spirirt

Diamond Spirirt

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