The Universe Spiritana, using valuable cosmic energies

The Universe Spiritana, being connected with cosmic energies

The cosmic energies of the Universe Spiritana

The Universe Spiritana offer you the possibility to be connected with several celestial bodies of our universe. Firstly the planets of our solar system. Later on maybe also (if you’re interested) with celestial bodies that are a little further away. Like the Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius, the Milky Way and our neighboring galaxy Andromeda. This way you can enjoy their wonderful cosmic energies. Because celestial bodies have special and complex energies. Energies that can be valuable to us. Knowing that they can bring harmony, balance and healing in many ways. A good reason to check out the Universe Spiritana. And see which cosmic energies might be valuable for you.

The Universe Spiritana and contact with our cosmic neighbors

In addition, there is another reason why the Universe Spiritana can be valuable. It’s always nice to have good neighbors. And to make friends outside your home town, region or country. And if we focus on the world of the stars … the sky is the limit. So why not also, with help of the Universe Spiritana, getting in touch with our cosmic neighbors? Because planets and stars affect us. By their attraction and their energies. How beneficial it is when the sun finally shines after weeks of cold and rain, and makes us happy and high-spirited. And although the moon is relatively small, it is so close to us that it causes our tides. Or think about how solar eclipses, shooting stars or watching the majestic starry sky can affect us.

Looking at the stars, musing about extraterrestrial life

Who doesn’t occasionally look full of awe at the beautiful starry sky during a summer evening or summer night. And then muses about all the life that the universe has to offer. Maybe you sometimes wonder if you yourself come from one of those many stars or planets. Or that there are creatures on other planets and stars who would love to get in touch with us. And maybe, in your sleep or fully conscious, you yourself have contact with beings from other planets or stars. That can also be a reason to use the Universe Spiritana. Because with the energy of for instance Venus, you come very close to the energy of the beings of Venus. And that will make the (future) contact with extraterrestrial humans/beings from the Universe Spiritana of your choice a lot easier.

Alone in the universe …? Off course not!

Because off course we aren’t alone in the universe. And as we progress towards the fifth dimension, open contact with extraterrestrial civilizations is ever getting closer. And when we get more used to their energy, with the Universe Spiritana or otherwise, this is a good preparation. You can use the Universe Spiritana only for the planet, star or moon. But also to make contact with their possible inhabitants easier. Maybe you like to feel the so masculine Mars or the so feminine Venus. Or being very deep connected with the planet of happiness Jupiter. Or would the transforming Uranus or the mystical Neptune be more interesting for you? Experiencing the gentle moon or the healing powers of our sun is also very special. The Universe Spiritana make it possible. Why don’t you try one out and go on a spiritual journey in the universe?

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Planet Venus

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Planet Neptune

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