Welcome on Spiritana, info about me and about Spiritana.eu

My passion for Aquarius Energies

Welcome on Spiritana. My name is René Meulenbeek. I am living in the Netherlands and my passion is designing and transmitting Aquarius Energies. To give my work a describing name I came up with the name energy master. Because just as a Reiki master gives Reiki initiations, I do the same with energies, a range of different energies. I see myself as a transmitter of Aquarius Energies. Because not only more and more people like to develop their personality. We are all, together with Mother Earth, on our way to the fifth dimension. And therefor also New Age Energies are needed. Energies that can help us with our big leap in consciousness, in Light and Love. So we can help ourselves, and we can also support each other in this difficult but so important and valuable process.

Energies to make our ascension process more easy

It is not only my intention to use existing energies, to channel the existing energies. Think for example of Light Masters and Archangels. But for me it is also possible to develop new energies. New Age Energies which I feel are a valuable addition. I then make these available to anyone who would like to receive these high energies. So anyone can use them. The process of working with New Age Energies gives me much pleasure and fulfilment. They not only stimulate our personal, emotional, mental and spiritual development. But in addition, it can help many people to make their ascension process easier.

From Attunements to Spiritana

With Attunements I have already another website where you can find many nice Aquarius Energies. My Attunements however are meant for a very wide audience. Also for people who have little or no experience with spirituality. A reason to develop another form of Aquarian Energies, Spiritana, next to my Attunements, was because I liked to offer the somewhat less easy energies too. Aquarius Energies that may appeal more to spiritual lovers. After all, passions like to be lived on a grand scale. I love to serve people with more spiritual experience too, who are looking for the more special spiritual energies.

Spiritana, the many appearances of Spirit

These new Aquarian Energies I have given the name Spiritana (see also Questions and Info about Spiritana). The name Spiritana expresses the many forms Spirit can adopt. Like a diamond with a thousand facets, each with their own quality. Do we like as a Soul / Mind (Spirit) to grow towards Oneness, then it is important to integrate as many facets of Spirit as possible into our physical life. Spiritana is meant for all Love Workers, Light Workers, Energy Workers and Spiritual Enthusiasts. Whatever your age. Anyone is welcome on Spiritana who can use some spiritual help or likes to discover new worlds. I hope you will find on Spiritana the spiritual energies you are looking for. I will enjoy our spiritual partnership.

Love and blessings,

René Meulenbeek
Energy Master
The Netherlands